Keto Flax Egg Muffin


Hey, I’m going to be showing you how to make a keto flax egg muffin. Before I start, I just need to warn you, you need a microwave And if you want to put anything inside of the muffin, to heat it up, you’re going to need a toaster oven. To start, you’re going to need two eggs If you want to add in another egg inside the muffin, you’re going to need a third egg. You’re going to need some salt. We use salt that has potassium in it.

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You’re going to need some oil. Doesn’t matter which oil. The taste only changes very slightly. And most importantly, you need baking powder. And for the baking powder, you’re going to need a teaspoon measurement.

Finally if you want to put something inside of the flax egg muffin you’re going to need some cheese. It doesn’t really matter what cheese. It’ll change the flavor, you can try out different cheeses. I just realized something that you need in this recipe, that I completely forgot. The flax.

So, you could use any kind of ground flax. Organic or not, doesn’t matter. For it, you’re going to need a fourth cup measurement. Take your two eggs, and crack them into a bowl. Note that you’re going to be putting this bowl into the microwave later, so pick a good bowl.

Mix that up. Add in some oil. That’s enough. It doesn’t really matter how much oil you add. It takes the flax flavoring out.

The flax flavoring is not that tasty, and oil makes it better. So next comes the dry ingredients.

Put in a fourth cup of flax. Try and spread it around. Add in the salt.

Just put it in throughout. Add in the baking powder. One teaspoon. Flat. And spread it around.

And mix it up very well. The main thing you have to worry about is the baking powder. You shouldn’t see any whites left over because they will make it look worse. Alright, it’s ready for microwaving. Put in the microwave for two minutes.

Once out of the microwave, it should have risen a bit. Slap it onto a pan. It might take several tries to get out. I happen to have a bread knife, but you can use whatever knife that you’ve got. Spit it into two.

This is especially good for putting something inside of it. One slice on the top, and two slices on the bottom portion. Depending on the cheese you might need to take the corners off.

For another egg inside, you’re going to need to use that same bowl you used earlier. Put that egg into here.

Now this is an important part: We’re going to microwave this egg. Poking it, I’ve learned from experience, doesn’t work as well as salting it. Salting it works wonders. Microwave this for 45 seconds. 45 seconds.

It’s out of the microwave. Get some random object to scrape the edges of the egg off the plate. We’re going to put it on the egg muffin. Flip it over on top. Put it onto a heating tray.

And into a toaster oven it shall go. Put it to toast for the usual amount of time you would toast some bread. Once it’s out of the oven, we’re going to use a spatula to take it off. And the top. And it’s ready to serve.

Mmm, delicious..

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