KETO BREAKFAST PIZZA RECIPE | Bacon & Eggs on a the BEST Keto Pizza Crust


Hello good morning my name is Annie and I have the popular keto cooking YouTube channel ketofocus. I also have a website where I like to share all of my delicious keto recipes. It’S called keto focus com. I also work full time as a pharmacist. I’M a wife and busy mom to two growing boys, so I like to specialize in family-friendly keto recipes today, I’m going to share with you guys a breakfast recipe we’re gon na be making keto breakfast pizza.

You guys should have all of your ingredients set and ready to go so that you can cook along this pizza with me. Let’S get started we’re gon na start by preheating. Our oven so come over here to the oven, you’re gon na pre-heat, your oven to 400 degrees and while that’s preheating, we’re gon na move on to cooking our bacon. I’M gon na be frying up our bacon today, but you could put it in the oven and bake it in the oven. If you want to one of my meal, prep tips is to bake your bacon on Sunday.

If you like to meal prep, do a whole package and then you can just use it throughout the week for an easy breakfast. Another tip I like to put in a bunch of bacon like this and fold it over that way. You can get a lot of bacon in your pan to cook, otherwise it doesn’t really cook as well. If you’re doing strips, you can’t get as many in the pan, so we’re gon na need about 6 slices of bacon, while our bacon is cooking, I’m going to start making the pizza dough. So this is a Fathead dough pizza and we’re gon na be using mozzarella, cheese and almond flour and a few extra ingredients to provide support.

I have the full recipe on my website. Keto focus calm in here I have 3 cups of mozzarella cheese and we’re gon na microwave this at 1 minute intervals until it’s melted. If you don’t want to melt your cheese in the microwave, you can put it in a nonstick, skillet and cook it that way. It’Ll melt as perfectly well: that’s melty we’re gon na move on to the rest of our Fathead dough ingredients. I’M going to be using a food processor to mix up my Fathead dough.

If you don’t have access to a food processor, you can use an electric mixer or you can just knead knead the dough together by hand. The food processor is so much easier. The dough comes together super quickly, so in my food processor, I’m gon na add this is one and a quarter cup of almond flour. I have one egg and then I’m also gon na use a tablespoon of baking powder, a tablespoon of xantham gum and half a teaspoon of salt. Now in this recipe, I don’t like to add any cream cheese.

Cream cheese is just added to baked goods just to provide, structure and support. We already have enough of that with the mozzarella cheese that we’re gon na add and the xanthan gum, so there’s no need to add additional calories, even carbs to this recipe by adding the cream cheese it works just beautifully without it. This is after one minute of cooking the mozzarella cheese. It’S not quite melted, so I’m gon na add it in there for another minute. I like making Fathead dough a lot of times I’ll, do it during meal prep day, you can double the batch triple the recipe.

It actually freezes really well, so it’s something that I always like to have on hand, because you never know when you want to have pizza, you can use about a head dough for other things too. If you want to use it as like, a bread replacement, some people use it to make cinnamon rolls or some sweet pastries. Besides just savory pizza, bread or or breadsticks, our cheese is nice and melted. Now we’re going to add it to the rest of our Fathead dough ingredients. You mix this together until it forms a dough ball and it starts to roll around in your food processor.

So everything is nicely incorporated together. Just make sure you get all of your dough and now it’s time to roll it out. I killed the heat on the bacon and we just wanted to cook it until it’s nice and crispy. So we’re gon na take this out and let it cool and then we’re gon na chop it up a little tip. I have when it comes to rolling out your fat head.

Dough is to lay down a wet piece of paper, towel or wet cloth and then you’re going to roll it in between the two sheets of parchment paper. I like using parchment paper just because it’s disposable plus I can leave my Fathead dough on the bottom sheet of parchment paper and bake. It just like that without having to transfer it to a different tray and on goes the top layer of parchment paper. Just kind of smash it down and then we’re going to start rolling and, depending on how thick you, like your pizza, I’ve rolled this to maybe around a quarter of an inch thick. If you want it thinner, then roll it out thinner if you like a thicker pizza crust, then keep it quite thick, take off your top layer and now we’re gon na move on to our toppings for the sauce that goes on this pizza, it’s gon na be A ricotta base like garlicky cream sauce, so in a small container I have.

This is a quarter cup of ricotta cheese. If you don’t want to use ricotta cheese, you could use cream cheese that would work just as well too, and it’s gon na be a garlicky sauce. So you could use 2 teaspoons of garlic cloves. If you want that’s minced up really finely or some garlic paste. If you want to turn it into a paste, I’m just going to be using a garlic sauce.

This is a premade garlic paste that I just purchased from the store. It’S a good shortcut to use. If you don’t want to have to be mincing up some garlic, so we’re gon na add just a couple of teaspoons of this to our ricotta cheese and then a little bit of salt too. So this is about 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt and we’re gon na mix this together. This is a super, simple white sauce.

If you like to have white sauce on your pizza, now, I’m not gon na add my sauce just yet you could, if you wanted to, you, could spread it on, but I’m actually gon na be adding some of my toppings. I’M gon na put my cheese down. First and then my bacon surfer cheese, since this is a white sauce pizza, I always like to have white cheese, which is mozzarella cheese on that, so I’m actually just gon na be spreading my mozzarella cheese down first. This is 1 cup of shredded mozzarella, cheese and we’ll just move that around until it’s evenly spaced and then next we’ll add our bacon. We’Re gon na chop, our bacon up into little slices.

And if you didn’t want to use fresh bacon, you could probably use prepackaged bacon crumbs. That’S another shortcut to some people don’t like to use those because they do have preservatives in them all right, and then we just sprinkle this right. On top, another idea you could use instead of bacon, is to use ground-up sausage, or if you have any leftover steak, you could put that on this pizza as well, and these are the leftover meats that you have just make a really good breakfast pizza in the Morning now comes our sauce. We’Re going to add this on to the pizza. Now what I like to do is just do little dollops of sauce all over the pizza, just because I think it’s really tasty when you take a bite of this pizza and you just get like this little area.

That has a lot of garlicky creamy, garlicky flavor, but, like I said before, if you wanted to just paint this on your pizza crust before you add the cheese you could do that too. You all right – and I like to add a little bit of spice to the pizza, so we’re gon na add some crushed red pepper flakes. So you don’t want to add too much it just kind of depends on your level of spice that you want to use. This is about probably a little bit larger than a quarter of a teaspoon, but just sprinkle that on top all over, that’s probably enough, but it just depends on your taste preferences if you like, spicy or not, and then finally, I’m gon na add a little bit Of Parmesan cheese, on top just to give it a different cheese flavor. So this is just grated Parmesan cheese about three tablespoons of Parmesan cheese goes on to the top, so we can transfer this to a baking tray.

I’M gon na just fold my crust over a little bit because I just feel like it, but you can cook it just like this too. If you want okay, so this is gon na go on a baking tray. You can bake this on a piece of stone too, if you just have a plain baking tray, a pizza tray, whatever you want to use, it’s gon na go in the oven in the middle rack at 400 degrees we’re only gon na bake it for 4 minutes, Because we’re gon na be adding egg to this pizza and keep your pizza on your parchment paper too. This is going to prevent it from sticking to your pan so into the oven we go. This makes a really good recipe.

If you liked a meal prep or just have an easy ready to go breakfast in the mornings, it makes a huge pizza. One slice is really probably gon na fill you up that you might do too as well, but it’s a really good recipe to have on hand, because you could just take it on the go if you’re running late for work, so you don’t have to make breakfast So, like I said, a really good meal prep option for you guys our timer just went off. So let’s go check on our pizza. So after four minutes your pizza will look like this. Obviously it’s not done, but we’re gon na add some eggs to it.

So, with the back of a spoon here, we’re gon na be creating some debits into this pizza, I’m going to be adding four eggs, so I want four little holes to go evenly spaced in the pizza, and this is just so when you crack your egg into Here it’s not going to run off and pour it into your oven. You want them large enough, so it can hold the entire egg that one’s running off these bigger back in the oven, we’re gon na go for six minutes, while our pizzas cooking, we’re gon na be cutting up some basil. I love the flavor combination of garlic and basil and bacon, so just take off some fresh leaves of basil. If you don’t have fresh basil, you could use dried basil too, or you could just completely omit this step. Green onion would work really well here too.

It just adds a little pop of color. Actually, tomatoes would be really good on this pizza, but I’m not going to do that today. So I have a bunch of basil leaves we’re just gon na roll them up just like this and then slice up all right. So now there are these little strips of basil that we’re gon na sprinkle over the top of our pizza. Once it’s finished baking, it’s been around six minutes, our pizzas finished baking depending on your oven temperature and how thick you made your dough.

You might have to cook it longer so six to eight minutes, but let’s check on it. So here it is right here. This looks really good. The edges are nice and browned. The only thing is, is I kind of want the eggs, the egg yolks to be cooked a little bit more.

So what we’re gon na do is put it back in the oven and we’re gon na broil. It we’re just going to broil that on high for a few minutes, keep your eye on it, so it doesn’t burn. This is just gon na cook, our egg yolks and our egg whites a little bit more. Okay, that looks like the egg. Yolks are sat a little bit more.

They look. I love this too, when you boil it, it gets nice and bubbly and that cheese gets golden brown and if you like, crispy crust, it’s gon na crisp up that crust a little bit more now we’re here. Just to finish, the pizza we’re gon na sprinkle on our basil leaves on top you’d, also want to add your fresh tomato. If you were doing that, I like to add a little bit of flaked salt and just like salty things, and I think it looks pretty on top of pizza and then you could also do a drizzle of olive oil. That’S really delicious!

The combination of the the oil with the eggs and now we’re ready to eat it’s still hot. The best part about this pizza is the egg yolk. So when you cut into that, it just leaves this beautiful, yellow and you can move it around your pizza so that every single bite has a little bit of that delicious runny egg yolk in it worried like I said you could eat this on the go mmm. It’S so delicious, you guys the flavors, the garlic, the basil, the bacon, the egg everything works beautifully on this breakfast pizza. Thank you guys for watching.

Don’T forget, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel. It’S Quito focus on YouTube and also check out my website. Quito focus calm, like I said I have a ton of family friendly, easy keto recipes on there. Thanks for cooking with me, bye

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