Healthy &slim with Keto Recipes – Vegetarian

You can make these halloumi skewers both on the barbecue and in a grill pan. By first marinating the halloumi in finely chopped fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil, you give the halloumi extra flavor. You can marinate the vegetables in the same marinade.

Sufficient protein

On a vegetarian diet, it can be difficult to make sure you eat enough protein. Sometimes it is thought that as long as you have a plate full of vegetables this is a vegetarian meal. Of course, this is possible once in itself, but not too often. Then you would suffer a protein deficiency and proteins are the building blocks of our body. As more people become vegetarians, the food industry has responded to this by making protein shakes and protein products easily accessible to everyone. Nevertheless, proteins from natural foods are much healthier and our body can absorb them much better. In addition, a lack of protein is not healthy, but neither is an excess of protein. Through natural food you will not quickly eat too much protein, but through processed protein products it is possible and then you can even contract protein poisoning.

Best Vegetarian Protein Sources on the Keto Diet

On a standard vegetarian diet, you can get vegetable protein from your diet by making the right combinations of starchy products such as rice, grain, etc. and legumes. In India, rice is therefore very often combined with lentils, which combination ensures that you get complete protein.

On the keto diet, that doesn’t work that way. Therefore, on the keto diet, you rely on animal protein sources, so cheese and eggs. This isn’t always easy. Not all cheese is suitable for vegetarians and the amount of protein in cheese can also vary enormously. This is why I’ve compiled a list of vegetarian protein sources for the keto diet.

halloumi skewers
  • 250 gram halloumi
  • 150 gram zucchini
  • 100 gram cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon coin
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 1 teaspoon majoraan
  • 4 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 100 Ml Greek yogurt

calories: 738Kcal | Gross carbohydrates: 10G. | protein: 32G. | Fats: 64G. | Sodium: 1549Mg | potassium: 347Mg | fiber: 2G. | Vitamin A: 635Iu | Vitamin B1: 1Mg | Vitamin B2: 1Mg | Vitamin B3: 1Mg | Vitamin B5: 1Mg | Vitamin B6: 1Mg | vitamin C: 30Mg | Vitamin E: 5Mg | Vitamin K: 28μg | calcium: 1300Mg | copper: 1Mg | folic acid: 31μg | iron: 2Mg | manganese: 1Mg | magnesium: 27Mg | phosphorus: 48Mg | selenium: 1μg | zinc: 1Mg | Net carbs: 8G. | Macro Fats: 77% | Macro Carbohydrates: 5% | Macro Proteins: 17%

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