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Prepping is preparation. There are four reasons why prepping can be a good idea:

  • little time during the week to cook (meal prepping)
  • special offer and you want to save the product for later
  • it reduces food waste and saves you money
  • you want to stock up

1. Meal prepping

Meal prepping is very useful for when you have little time during the week. This is extra important on the keto diet, because you can’t just walk into a supermarket and buy a ready meal.

Prep whole or partial meal

If you want to prep meal, for example, you can already cook a number of meals on weekends. You can store or freeze those complete meals in the fridge for later in the week.

You don’t necessarily have to prep a complete meal, you can also prepare part of the meal. It’s about saving yourself a lot of time later in the week. If you do this regularly and have enough space in your freezer, you can build your own supply of ready meals.

Vegetable prepping

There are a number of vegetables that you can prepare well in advance, such as vegetables that you can cook or make in a mash.

Freezing raw vegetables

If you want to freeze raw vegetables, it is important to:

  • first remove ugly pieces
  • easy to wash
  • blanch briefly (place in a pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes)
  • then immediately cool in a bowl with cold water, so that the vegetable does not continue to boil
  • put in a sealed container and freeze as soon as possible (some freezers have a special
  • position for this that you can freeze a little in a shorter time)

This way you can store whole vegetables in your freezer for about 9-12 months. Pre-cut vegetables can be stored in your freezer for about 3 months. These times also depend on how good your freezer is. The vast majority of vegetables can be preped by freezing raw or blanched, the exception being lettuce, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes and aubergines.

Cauliflower rice prepping

If you buy cauliflower, you can already grate that cauliflower and then freeze it. This way you always have cauliflower rice at hand quickly. You only have to fry this cauliflower rice in some butter or coconut oil, but that is really done in a few minutes. It is important not to defrost the cauliflower first, even in the microwave, because then it will brown.

Cauliflower puree

You can also cook cauliflower, drain and mash with a lump of butter. You can then freeze this cauliflower puree or keep it in the fridge for several days.

Blanched cauliflower

Another option is to break or cut the cauliflower into florets and then cook bites (so you can poke a fork in without it falling apart altogether). Drain the cooked cauliflower and refrigerate or freeze.

Maybe you bought a lot of cauliflower because there was a special offer. Then you can cut the cauliflower into florets and blanch the florets in a pan with boiling water for 1-2 minutes (boil). Drain well and then you can divide it into portions and freeze it. This way you make your own stock of frozen cauliflower.

Cauliflower is probably the best keto prep vegetable, because you can do so many different things with it and because it contains so few carbohydrates and lots of vitamins and minerals.

Pointed cabbage, red cabbage etc. prepping

You can do the same with other types of cabbage, for example pointed cabbage or red cabbage. After you have grated the cabbage, you can immediately make a puree out of it and then freeze that puree.

Brussels sprouts prepping

Brussels sprouts are also a good candidate to preach. When they are in season you can buy kilos of Brussels sprouts on the market very cheaply. You can clean them and then blanch them in a pan of boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then drain and freeze or you can boil them and then freeze or store in the fridge. They will be ready if you want to eat them during the week, but you can also keep them in the freezer for times. Brussels sprouts are also a real keto vegetable and good source of potassium, among other things.

Green beans, string beans or pods

Green beans are also very good for blanching and then freezing. That’s how you make sure they stay good for a long time.

Tomato sauce or soup can also be prep

A tasty traditional tomato soup takes several hours to make. It needs to cook gently over a lower heat for a longer period of time to get a full taste. Of course, it is ideal to do this in a slow cooker, but it can also just be on the gas stove, only then you have to be nearby.

You can make a large pan with tomato sauce on weekends. I’d keep it pretty thick, so it takes up less space in the fridge or freezer. You can always add it later with boiled water if you want to make it in a tomato soup.

Prepping stews

All stews are also very good candidates to make in advance and then freeze or store in the fridge. This also applies to vegetarian stews such as ratatouille, Indian kohlrabi, etc. Of course it also applies to meat dishes and/or sauces, such as minced meat sauce.

Meat, fish and poultry prep

You can make a rollade, sausages, meatballs, chicken livers, stew, minced meat or a fish pie in advance and then freeze it. So they are very suitable if you want to prep. You can then heat them in the microwave, preheated oven or in a frying pan as soon as you need them, although it is useful to put them in the fridge a day in advance. That way they can defrost quietly.

Fresh meat, fish or poultry can be divided into portions and also frozen.

Je kan niet alle soorten vlees, vis of gevogelte al direct bakken of braden en dan in de koelkast bewaren/invriezen. In het algemeen is de regel dat als iets heel snel klaar is, je het beter niet al van te voren kan maken. Denk dan bijvoorbeeld aan biefstuk, hamburgers, schnitzels of kipfilet. Als je die van te voren maakt is de kans groot dat het vlees droog en minder lekker wordt als je het weer opwarmt.

A slow cooker is ideal if you want to prep

Especially if you have a slow cooker, it is ideal to make a habit of it on weekends, making one or two dishes.

2. Keto Prepping: Stocking up for a longer period of time

You can also prep by stocking up. Especially now with the Corona virus, people have started to do this, but it can be useful anyway. Even if you are ill for other reasons, it can be difficult to go to the shops, or it may be that the weather is very bad and you may not be able to walk properly. For example, there are many reasons why it can be a good idea to have a filled pantry and / or freezer.

Prepping used to be very common

It used to be very common to make sure you always had a supply of food in your house. Many houses had cellars and/or a pantry. There were cans and glass jars in it and other products, such as cheese, smoked meat, etc. that stayed good for a long time.

You can stock up by processing products yourself – you can basically make both meat and vegetable dishes in sterilized glass jars or freeze in containers or bags.

I make eggs regularly myself. This is very useful because pickled eggs become much firmer and are therefore ideal for making stuffed eggs, for example, but also useful if you want to quickly put a herring salad with beets on the table.

Of course, you can also buy certain ready-made products, such as small jars with beetroot (without added sugar!). You can eat beetroot on the keto diet, as long as you keep a very close eye on your portion size, which is why I recommend small jars.

What do you need to preach?

The most important thing before you start prepping is drawing up a list of what you need. Only buy or make things that you are actually going to use. It is completely pointless to buy every jar and can you see if the chances of actually eating it are small!

Also, try to make a realistic estimate of how much you need. Determine for how many weeks you want to have food and other items (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, pet food, medicines, etc.) in the house. So there is really no need to buy mountains of stuff!

It’s much more a matter of doing all the shopping you would normally do in 2 weeks, all at once now. Of course, you make sure that the stuff you buy also remains good during the coming weeks. Therefore, pay attention to the expiration date, freeze products where possible or prepare them to increase the shelf life.

Keto prep list

If you find it difficult to estimate what you need, you can find the Keto Prep list here.

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