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Paneer is a fairly sturdy fresh cheese that you can easily make yourself. To make paneer you only need milk, some salt and an acid. I use kitchen vinegar as acidity, but in principle you can also use lemon juice or yogurt. You will get another (less sturdy) paneer.

Paneer in Indian cuisine

Paneer is a nice rather firm cheese that you can cut into cubes and then cook in a sauce for a few minutes. This is how paneer is used in Indian cuisine. Paneer doesn’t have a lot of flavor of his own and gets his taste from the sauce.

Paneer and lentils are probably the main sources of protein in Indian cuisine. Lentils fall off on the keto diet and therefore you can find many vegetarian recipes with Paneer here.

Difference between paneer and halloumi

Like paneer, Halloumi is also a hearty cheese that you can cut into cubes. Both cheeses can’t melt. However, there are a number of differences.

Halloumi is a cheese from Cyprus, originally made with goats and sheep’s milk. It is a rather salty cheese with a firm texture. To make Halloumi you need rennet. In the Netherlands, the vast majority of Halloumi with microbial rennet has been used and is therefore suitable for vegetarians. If you want to make your own halloumi, it’s easy, because you can buy microbial rennet online.

Paneer is made with cow’s milk and sourdough. It is a very mild and certainly not salty cheese. In paneer, therefore, no rennet and therefore paneer is always suitable for vegetarians. Paneer is a little more crumbly than Halloumi and therefore you don’t want to cut the cubes too small.

Two steps

Making bread is not difficult at all and the first step is the same as making fresh cheese. However, a second step is needed at paneer. You have to squeeze the cheese under a weight. You don’t have to have any special stuff for this. A bowl, plate and a pot of salt is enough.

If you prefer to have a shape, you could use this shape, for example. And if you want to make paneer regularly or just want to be able to make it very quickly, you could use that shape in combination with this cheese press. You don’t need weights and your cheese is ready much faster.

Cubes of paneer with Indian herbs
  • 2 litre whole milk
  • 0.5 teaspoon salt
  • 100 Ml kitchen vinegar

Serving: 100gram | calories: 174Kcal | Gross carbohydrates: 3.2G. | protein: 22G. | Fats: 8G. | Net carbs: 3G. | Macro Fats: 42% | Macro Carbohydrates: 7% | Macro Proteins: 51%

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