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what is up guys Jamie here Kito like shave me on instagram and we’ve got Logan Logan senior usually calm and today we are gonna do Quito egg frittata they are so simple and I know they’re gonna be delicious stay tuned one two three four or five six ingredients and we’re gonna mix it all up do some cutting put it on the pan and it will be done in like 30 minutes I’m most excited about these because once you make like a whole batch of them you can put them in your fridge for like a week and they’re literally ready to go you can eat them cold you can put them in a bag and bring them with you or you can pop it in the oven or microwave for like a minute and it’s ready to go all right got my co-stars here cuz I’m hungry mom’s hungry she doesn’t even want to fill my plate it’s a sting I’m ready bee Oh mom you fast yeah gosh that’s epic y’all know about me to learn from her she knows what’s going on Bailey do you fast okay so all I’m doing guys is I’m gonna chop these mushrooms and saut them on the pan along with the onions so once they go into the oven they’re just a little bit mixed up with all the other goodies and we’ve got avocados all here we’re just gonna put a little drip in the pan and saute our mushrooms and onions boom I’m current will and I just put out a video guys actually explaining what the best spoilage for cooking lizard or not primal prep chef she said avocado well yeah so the Logan lean chef I like all right here we go were sauteing it all together buffing it up let’s do it right now and what I want to do is what what I want to do to make our cooking videos different is bringing entertainment it gets yeah it gets to a point where it’s like 1 tablespoon 1 egg 400 degrees that’s it it gets so boring guys yeah we can’t do that around here no I don’t know if y’all have noticed but that’s not our style yeah so we want your day to be amazing what the videos be amazing and we want you to enjoy them you’ll enjoy the lifestyle so I can egg muffin it all right excuse me guys baking terminology by Jamie we’re doing a dollar dollop I’m back in back in high school we’re gonna you ain’t dollop in each little cup is that a dollop right there that’s a dollop yes Logan just learned his first banking term a dollop Logan lien show that goes not too much and not too little it’s just right you’re just gonna put that in there to help it’s a little eggy that laughter Oh some peppers we’re just gonna kind of spit ball it as we go through no specific amounts we’ll just kind of go through each one and then we’ll do the remains and see where all what else we need okay and as I’m doing this she’s gonna put in the onions and the shrooms [Music] all right we’re going to see how much I really trust Jamie so we’re cracking eggs here instead of doing it like everybody else does we’re gonna do it a little bit different so she’s gonna shoot it if she makes it obviously goes well skew back you go oh god any more right here more risk and rewards your back more we’re cracking the eggs do this every day I love eggs thanks crackin yeah crack eggs for the win by the way guys hey guys make sure you pre-heat your oven to its 375 okay all right finished product guys in these amazing little silicon cups I’ll make sure to link these below for you guys and Trey makes your life so much easier 25 or 35 run on the dot 31 is 5 to 35 minutes guys in the oven okay guys this is the final product right out of the oven they look big Hanley did bust him out and give it a mold taste to unveil these we’re gonna compare them so we’re just take them out of here oh yeah yeah that’s hot look at that yeah so per nice man dig in it taste test time we’re ready for this okay how do how good does this look time let’s do it mmm that is so good it definitely is a little bit hot but I suddenly it tastes really good hot eggs what an epic little snack you can literally take this you go hey guys I hope you liked our recipe for today we sure loved it I’m gonna have some more quick and easy recipes for you all that’s kind of what we’re about quick and simple and hopefully maybe some Christmas cookies what do you guys think comment below and let us know I’m down logan’s down yes down my mom’s down she’s begging us for Christmas cookies so thanks for hanging out with us and we will see you guys soon bye [Music]

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