Healthy Keto Food: Chicken and Cauliflower Tabbouleh!


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Today we’re doing another installment of #ILIKETOEAT, and this is a recipe that I’m gonna call “Ketobbouleh”.

It is basically a tabbouleh, but instead of a bulgur wheat base, we’re using cauliflower. So to start, you’re going to need about a pound of cauliflower, which you can either pulse up to make a cauliflower rice in a food processor, or, if you have a Trader Joe’s near you like I do, you can just grab a pound of already-riced cauliflower.

Okay, so first, you’re just going to dump your riced cauliflower into a microwave-safe bowl, and you’re going to add 1 tbsp of olive oil and about 1/4 teaspoon of salt. We will put some cling wrap on top of this, and put it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. So we’re just going to stir it up and put it on a pizza tray.

This might taste good to me! It might actually taste good to you? I hope so. So we will just set this thing aside, and let the cauliflower rice cool down while we prepare all of the other ingredients. So next, we’re going to add my daughter’s favorite ingredient, cilantro.

We’re gonna pluck the leaves from the big stems, and I’m gonna chop them up. You gonna be okay? We’re gonna put it over onto our …

We’re gonna chop this up in just a minute. We’re gonna give it one more cup over here, and then we’re gonna take our two cups of cilantro leaves and just kind of chop them up.

It doesn’t have to be super fine, but fine enough so that you know you’re not choking on entire leaves. You could make them big so you can take them out. There’s our cilantro chopped up.

Next, we’re gonna do the same thing, but this time with mint leaves, and only one cup. The next thing we’re going to add is two scallions, and we’re going to use the white to about where it starts to get a little darker green.

We’re gonna do the same thing with one clove of garlic. Next, we’re gonna zest a lemon. We need a teaspoon of fresh lemon zest.

Caroline, do you want to do it? Mmm Hmm! Nicely done. So we’re going to save this lemon, because in a few minutes, we’re gonna get some juice out of it, about three tablespoons of lemon juice. So here’s our purple mixing bowl.

We’re gonna start putting our ingredients into this. We’ll mix it up in here, and then put it in our nice serving bowl when we’re done. So let’s get all of this loose lemon zest in here. Lemon zest that made it into the bowl. Garlic.

That’s garlic? Yeah. We will add our wait ’till I sally in on the scallions. We will add our mint, and we’ll start with about half of our cilantro. We may add the whole thing, but we’ll start with about half.

So about half of this. Okay, so just a couple more ingredients to put in before I mix everything together. Cucumber, which I’ll chop up now, and some halved cherry tomatoes. We’re gonna halve HAAALLLVE these tomatoes. Okay, cherry tomatoes are in.

Next we’re gonna add 3/4 tablespoons of salt, then we’ll add 4 tablespoons of olive oil. 2, 3, 4. Next we’re gonna take our lemo,n which we just recently shaved, cut it in half, and squeeze all of the juice from both halves into our bowl. It will give us about 3 tablespoons. And Caroline, do you want to do the honors?

Give her a squeeze! Nice. All right, so we’re almost there.

We’re gonna take the tray full of rice cauliflower, that is definitely cooled down at this point, and we’re gonna add it carefully, so I don’t make a mess all over the floor. Get this all into our mixing bowl.

Oh careful… Careful. And then the last ingredient we’re gonna add is this rotisserie chicken.

This probably has about 2 or 3 cups worth of chicken in it. We’re just gonna add it as we stir until it looks good. I’m guessing around 2 cups. We may just add the whole thing, but that’s the last ingredient. And we’ll stir it all up, then we’ll get it into our pretty serving bowl.

We’re just gonna kind of eyeball it here, and see what looks good. It’s starting to look right.

It’s starting to look right, but it does need more cilantro. Sorry, Caroline. Noooo!

Sorry. We’ll put a dash more cilantro in. I mean, like the rest of it. Oh yeah, look at that. That is pretty.

I think it needs more green. I think we’re pretty much there. Yeah.Okay, so I will do a quick taste test before we put it into our serving bowl. It’s pretty much perfect.

All right, so now we’ll just transfer it to our lovely white serving bowl. It does look good. So there it is! That’s the ketobbouleh. My wife and I landed on this recipe yesterday, when we were trying to come up with something to bring to a picnic that we were invited to.

My wife does Weight Watchers, is not on keto; I am on keto, so this was a very happy medium for us. When you go to a picnic, there’s a lot of pasta, there’s a lot of hamburger buns, there’s a lot of just carry, carry stuff that wasn’t really friendly to either of us.

But this really hit the nail on the head. I will flash the macros up on screen right now — the approximate macros. If you’re doing vegetarian, you can always leave the chicken out.

It’s really modifiable, and we really like it! So that’s gonna do it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it! Please consider subscribing if this is your first time here, and I hope you have a fantastic day! I will see you soon.

Squeeze! Oh, nice. Oh!!!


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