7 Low Carb Breakfast Without Eggs Ideas – Easy Keto Breakfasts With No Eggs


Hello and welcome back to my channel today I have a week of low carb keto diet, breakfast without eggs, so there’s no eggs in these recipes. It’S just loads of yummy ideas to enjoy low carb, keto diet, low carb, high fat breakfasts. In the past. I have shared a video with 7 breakfast ideas that all had eggs I’ll leave a link to it down below, and so I just thought I will put together after loads of requests a video full of no eggs even with no eggs loads of low carb keto. Breakfast make sure you check down below for a link to blog post as well, where you can get a lot of these recipes in more detail and photos and loads more information and make sure that, if you’re not already subscribed to my channel, you hit that subscribe.

Button and join the yummy inspirations community and I always appreciate a like and a comment, leave a comment. Let me know what is your favorite low-carb keto diet breakfast without eggs? I look forward to reading your comment and let’s get straight into breakfast number one. My low carb breakfast without eggs this morning is cheesecake. I made this strawberry cheesecake mousse recently I shared the video for it as well recently and – and it is so good so yum such a delicious way to start the day.

Why not have cheesecake it’s good low, carb high fat? It is so filling you might not think that’s a big portion, but a little goes a long way with low carb high fat, and that is one yummy breakfast. This morning I felt like a hot breakfast, so I am sauteing, mushrooms and garlic in heaps of butter and I’m going to add a chopped leftover sausage from dinner last night and maybe some other veg and I’ll just see how I go. So I’m just sauteing this. This is just going to be meat and a couple of eggs cooked in lots of butter for fat and I’ll show you once I’ve kind of plated it up and finished what it looks like.

Okay, it’s all reduced nicely as sausages are in. I added some spinach I’ll, just give it another minute or so to cook, and that is my breakfast there you go. That’S the perfect warming breakfast. You have spinach mushrooms, garlic and sausages, so super flavorful breakfast and I may even top it with a dollop of sour cream just to bring up the fat level even more so that is my breakfast without eggs, keto low-carb friendly for today today, I’m going to make A berry smoothie Bowl for breakfast for my no eggs breakfast and I’m going to chat you through the ingredients and check down below for the blog post, where the recipe is so you can follow along, and so let’s get straight into it right. There are 15 grams carbs in a cup of raspberries, so I’m using 1/3 of a cup, so that’s 5 grams of carbs, I’m happy with that.

You can use 1/4 or 1/2 depending on your carb allowance today and how much you want to allocate to your smoothie Bowl and I’m just going to pour them into my blender, and I’m just going to keep this third of a cup out and just fill it With all my other ingredients, I’m just going to keep it really simple: how about third of a cup of cream going in and now for milk, I’m using almond milk. You can use almond coconut normal milk if you want, but there are additional carbs in that. That is definitely liquid enough for me. Now, I’m just going to fill that third of a cup again, but with ice just to help thicken it up even more and because I’m having this as a whole meal, I am going to add a scoop of protein powder. Got to scoop off my vanilla protein powder going in, as I said, that’s totally optional.

I just want to make this a whole meal, so I got my protein heaps of healthy fat to the cream and that’s all good and lowish carb, with the raspberries do as much as you want right. We’Re gon na get this on to blend. Now you can just scrape it down start and stop scrape down the sides. Remember to remove the spoon blend it a bit more and then we’re going to pour it into our Bowl, got my breakfast bowl already and we’ll pour it in here’s quite liquid. But I’m happy with that and now toppings again remember check down below for the blog post and I’ll have some more ideas topping you could put some more berries on.

It has got some carbs to that and chia seeds, nuts or coconut so many options. So I’m going to get on top of my smoothie Bowl, I’m going to keep it simple with just some chia seeds. Just in a little circle around the outside chia seeds, love chia seeds a little bit more. It will just do a whole layer of chia seeds and, yes, you can have chia seeds on keto. Well, just super little super seeds, the fiber and now I’m just going to do a little sprinkling of coconut chips.

Mmm another awesome, rich fiber, full food, and that is my breakfast today, my beautiful keto low-carb breakfast bowl of very my berry, smoothie Bowl, so yeah, I’m going to tuck into that and we’ll see you again tomorrow – and this is my beautiful breakfast platter. This morning I’ve got some sliced salami avocado with feta some doing kind of a feta, avocado smash and some grated cheese. It’S kind of just a cool cold breakfast of low carb high fat goodies. It’S just a breakfast platter. So that’s there’s no eggs and you could, of course, cook up your salami and have some eggs with it.

If that’s what you wanted to do and that’s what I’ve often done but yeah, it just makes a really nice little platter, just grabbing a whole lot of different items, whatever you’ve got in a fridge – and this is what I put together for today and this morning, I’M having a berry, yogurt Bowl, I’ve got some yoghurt down the bottom, just look for the lowest carb yogurt you can find, and then I increase the fat content by adding a few tablespoons of cream and have topped it with heaps of chia seeds. And that is two strawberries chopped up. It worked very well, but I’ve got two strawberries, chia seeds and I use my breakfast. You could, of course, mix through leave it in the fridge overnight and you have a chia pudding, which is really yum or you could just eat it like I’m going to eat it now, just give it a nice mix through and then you’ve got a yummy egg Free low carb high fat breakfast for breakfast this morning, I’m making a protein shake. I just don’t.

I just don’t have time for a super big breakfast. It’S super dark, as you can see in the kitchen, the light is terrible and it’s got ta run. I’Ve got stuff to do early this morning, so I thought I would just make a protein shake to have on the run. When I get hungry, I’m going to use my favorite almond, coconut milk, my protein powder, and to give it some extra fat. I’M going to add some cream, you could really just go nuts and add anything you want, you could add any flavoring.

I’Ve got a caramel for essence, and I’ve often added caramel flavoring to my protein, shake to make it like caramel feel or you could use chocolate. Essence put a bit of cocoa powder in, of course, you can get any flavor of protein powder. I’Ve got vanilla flavored on there, and so I’m just going to put all together. It doesn’t look like much, I put it all together and I’m gon na give it a shake, and that is my breakfast without eggs this morning, a lovely big protein shake yet shaking it up a nice and frothy, and definitely protein shake at breakfast. Protein shake is, and also where you go you’re going to time for breakfast and you want to breakfast on the go.

If you just don’t feel like anything, but you feel like anything big, you just feel like something, and so this will get my protein and I’ve add a hoops of cream. So I’m going to get my fat in, and that is my breakfast this morning and for my final breakfast, I’m making cheese. Tacos I’ve got a half a cup of cheese going in I’m going to kind of form it into a big circle. Try and get all the pieces together and now we just leave that and we let it form a cheese taco and it’s just about being patient and watching it you’ll see it melts and then it becomes crispy and then it becomes a fillable taco, which is perfect For a low carb high fat breakfast lunch or dinner, it is just so perfect, so you can see it’s already melting and all the bubbling and you just got ta wait. So you can watch it melt and then I’ll show you how, since I pretty much done, can you see the outside is all crispy inside?

Is all crispy. It’S just crispy all over and if you want to some people flip it over and get it extra crispy on both sides. I just prefer to take it out. Just like this. You could see it’s one big taco and we put it onto a plate and then you kind of straight away some people kind of hot hold it over it’ll turn that off just kind of I’m kind of folding it over.

While it’s still it’s already Oh hardening up and now I’m going to show you and I’m going to fill this with now, doesn’t that look like a taco look? I can pick it up. I can feel it super crispy and now I’m just going to fill it with a few different fun fillings and there you go look at my breakfast taco. It’S got avocado sour cream, spinach so yum. So that is our last breakfast for my whole week of seven low carb breakfast without eggs.

Thank you so much for watching make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more inspiration and leave a comment down below. Tell me what is your go-to low carb without eggs, with no eggs? I’M looking forward to reading your comment and remember to check down below for the blog post, where I go through all these in loads, more detail and I’ve got photos and everything else you could possibly need. So, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you again soon. Bye,

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